“Changing the Way the World Thinks, Eats and Lives in One Generation”

Superheroes is about saving human and non-human lives through what we feed ourselves and our loved ones. For too long now we have been hoodwinked into believing we need animal proteins to thrive when in actual fact it’s the opposite. Animal proteins = illness and disease. Plant based eating and especially whole foods plant-based nutrition = the healthiest and most vibrant way to live.

But it’s not just about health. Animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change, deforestation and species loss. The simple act of introducing more plants into your meal times is quite literally life changing. Plus cruelty free living tastes a whole lot better. 

The Café

However, it’s often not the ‘what we want to do’ that’s the issue it’s the “Where on earth do I start?” the ‘How?’ that slows us down. This is especially difficult for busy families. To help tackle this, in March 2019 we launched Qatar’s First Plant Based School Café at Doha College, Al Waab. Each day the Café has the capacity to nourish 1200 students and 200 staff. Additionally, before the end of the Academic year we’ll be offering take home fresh dinners for the student’s entire family. Who wouldn’t want their 15-year old to bring home a nutritious meal that’s also helping to cool our planet? 

Raw ME

This site wouldn’t be complete without thanking my ever patient and dedicated partners at Raw ME. Without them the Café would still be just a dream and I would still be trying to understand Qatar labor laws. Here’s to a wonderful collaboration with like-minded individuals for a better plant based future.