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Slurpy Zucchini Ramen

My new favourite way of hiding veg the kids are fond of. By peeling and spiralising the zucchini it looks just the same as the noodles. It’s also an oil free recipe as part of our transition from vegan to a whole foods plant based diet – more about that shortly.

Recipe below 👇🏽

Serves a family of 5

Chopped garlic cloves x 4
Chopped onion x 1
500ml veggie stock
Noodles of your choice
Zucchini peeled spiralised & shorten so they don’t go on and on forever
Other cooked or frozen veg the kids like

* Cook noodles and add the zucchini for the last few minutes at the end. Drain

* In a wok or large frying pan cook garlic and onions in a little stock until soft.

* Add veg and more stock to warm veg through

* Add noodles/zucchini mix and rest of the stock. Give it all a few minutes to blend and serve in deep bowls