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5 day vegan challenge – FAQs

So the 5-Day Vegan Challenge is just a few days away. As participants receive their Guidance Packs naturally the thinking starts and a few questions have come up. Below are responses to the ones that I have received already.
  • Is pomegranate molasses vegan? Absolutely and it contains antioxidants and vitamins C and B.
  • I’m a cheese addict – how am I going to cope? Cheese glorious cheese in all it’s forms. Cheese is 10 times more addictive than morphine, making it the number one reason why people struggle to move from a vegetarian diet to a vegan diet. It is true that vegan cheese tastes pretty gross compared with what you’re used to. So I would recommend going cold turkey (for want of a better phrase!) and if you decide to continue with a plant based diet then try either shop bought or make your own down the line once you’ve re calibrated your taste buds. For more information on the Science of Cheese Addiction here’s a 10 minute video that could provide you with the motivation you need to say no for 5 days… Dr. Neal Bernard has also brought out a brilliant book called The Cheese Trap.
  • As a daily long distance runner will I be able to get my protein? Absolutely! Have you seen the size of a gorilla or hippo? Protein sources include tofu, lentils, beans, wholegrain rice and green veggies. To stop yourself getting hungry add fats like avocado, nuts, coconut milk and hummus. Check out these World Record Breaking Athletes and Rich Roll’s You Tube channel…
  • Can I have pasta? Pasta that is made of semolina like spaghetti and penne avoid the egg based noodles.
  • What breakfast cereals can I have? Weetabix, oats, porridge, granola (without honey), Oatabix and Shreddies are the most common.

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