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“Goodbye,” she said “I’m off to join the circus”

I absolutely love Crossfit. Now I’m no competitor but I love the variety and intensity of the workouts. However, with this kind of workout, overtime it’s easy to become fatigued and injured and after about a year combined with the typical Crossfit diet of high animal proteins and low carb I had aches and pains everywhere: shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, back, knees, ankles. I just assumed that combined with hitting 40 this was normal and on I carried/struggled.
But now as I sit here at midnight still buzzing in my workout gear having just watched the amazing Rich Roll video (below) it’s reminded me that within a few weeks of moving over to the green side my body responded in a way that shocked me then and still does now. Absolutely every single one of those aches and pains disappeared. I found I had an incredible amount more energy. The levels of cardio I could push myself to significantly exceeded my efforts from the previous year. I was faster and could do more repetitions, I wasn’t gasping for air after an especially grueling session and could lift heavier weights (even though my technique still needs fine tuning). My skin became clearer (no more psoriasis), the purple puffy bags under my eyes disappeared, clothes became looser and mentally I felt calmer, more relaxed and strangely more self assured. And this last bit has possibly been the most significant. We recently went on holiday where I joined the circus school and battled my fear of heights on the flying trapeze. (Well actually if I’m honest even the trapeze in the theatre felt death defyingly high.) And before returning home signed up for my first Crossfit Challenge. These are things I never ever would have done before. I often wonder how much longer I will continue to feel like this and how many more exciting challenges I will undertake. Why didn’t someone tell me about this in my 20’s??????? Wahoooooo!!!!! The Rich Roll video…
P.S. And while we’re on the topic I also love this page – Thirteen meat-free athletes who set World Records or became World Champions

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