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Motivation – How to Stop Thinking About What We’re Missing Out On

You would be hard pushed to find a person who has transitioned to a plant based diet that didn’t have slip-ups along the way. We all remember what our favourite foods tasted like, for me it’s cheese, white chocolate, Cadbury’s Flake and Haagen Daz. And like everyone who has chosen to follow a certain dietary lifestyle we have moments of weakness and sometimes we might give in to them (and invariably regret it). But mostly we don’t and here’s why. Along the way we’ve armed ourselves with a multitude of resources that confirm our decision as being the right one for us. Today I wrote an email to the participants of the 5-day Vegan Challenge asking them to consider their motivation for undertaking the challenge. Below is an except from the email.
The one thing I wanted to touch on today is your motivation for even considering veganisim. If it’s not because you’re a foodie or curious then generally it falls into one of three categories:
– Health
– Animals
– Environment
When you go into next week the most powerful tool you can have is a strong need and want. This way you’ll look more at what you’re gaining than what you’re having to ‘give up’ or what you’re ‘not allowed to have’. So for example I went into veganism because of my love for animals but as I uncovered more about factory farming I realised there was an environmental aspect and then I discovered the health impacts of the traditional food we eat. The axis then shifted to wanting to be a healthy and long living parent, to giving my children the best possible start in life and to playing my part in trying to ensure they inherit a liveable planet. All of these things combined mean I have no desire to pay my money over to other people who create harm on my behalf. This of course may not be you and please ignore me if that’s the case. But if any of it resonates then below I have provided the links to some excellent ‘mind broading’ sources that you may like to watch in the lead up to next week. For all of them my overarching response has been “Why didn’t I know this information sooner?” (with the exception of Earthlings when I felt physically sick, warning).
Forks over Knives – examines the profound claim that most, if not all, of the degenerative diseases that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting animal-based and processed foods and the trailer
What the Health (2017) Kip Andersen’s second documentary focusing on the health impact of consuming animal proteins and why it’s in the interests of major organisations not to tell the public the truth. I cannot speak more highly of this film. Trailer
Crazy Sexy Cancer – an incredible story of actress Kris Carr who was diagnosed with ‘incurable’ cancer and how she healed herself through a plant based diet and yoga
Environment Cowspiracy – Kip Andersen’s first documentary on the environmental crisis caused by animal agriculture and its massive cover-up trailer
Mic the Vegan Cowspiracy is Bull – analyses the science and facts in the movie in particular the amount of water and grain required to produce beef
Eathlings – Directed by Joaquin Phoenix – an inside look at factory farming practice and abuse, very graphic with upsetting scenes but if you can sit through it it will change your perspective on our connections to animals and nature. This trailer is not graphic
Vegucated – follows 6 New Yorkers who love their meat, egg and cheese but agree to take a 6 week vegan challenge (!). This one actually somewhere between all three but probably slightly closer to the animals side. An easy watch. Trailer
My hope is that by the end of your 5-day journey you will have discovered so much more than you expected and whatever you decide to do afterwards it will be from a more informed stand point.
Rebekah x
P.S. My 70-year old mother-in-law who I adore watched Forks Over Knifes yesterday and said to me “That’s it we’re going to go through the fridge and freezer and start getting rid of everything. We want to do it so we can live long healthy lives and see our grandchildren grow-up”

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