“Changing the Way the World Thinks, Eats and Lives in One Generation”

Superheroes is about saving human and non-human lives through what we feed ourselves and our loved ones. For too long now we have been hoodwinked into believing we need animal proteins to thrive when in actual fact it’s the opposite. Animal proteins = illness and disease. Plant based eating and especially whole foods plant-based nutrition = the healthiest and most vibrant way to live.

My Family’s Journey – Our Reasons for Becoming Happy Herbivores

Our son, now 6 1/2 years old, was born with pneumonia. Following multiple episodes of various chest infections from mild to hospital stays and finally a diagnosis of asthma at the age of 4 the worry was nauseous. Any parent who has sat up at night watching their child struggle to breathe will know how terrifying it is. But at no point did we make the connection between what he was eating and his symptoms. We put it down to one of those things and the dusty weather. Then three things kept happening around the same period a) Our son repeatedly rejected animal foods which made for very upsetting mealtimes with us resorting to bribes and threats and him either relenting, refusing to eat or crying b) My own incongruent feelings of rescuing one set of animals but eating another because it’s what I’ve always done. And c) I was feeling and looking exhausted, suffering from the burning pain of psoriasis and seemed to have one thing after another wrong with my joints – back, shoulder, wrist, knees.

So one day after an especially awful bought of food poisoning from a BBQ I decided to give-up meat, dairy and eggs for 5-days. The transformation in my body and mind was almost instant. I felt incredible! All of the sudden I had bags of energy, my eyes and skin brightened, the psoriasis disappeared within days and after a few weeks I no longer suffered with any joint pain. My sport recovery time was better and my sleep was deeper and more restful. Like many people who transition to an animal-free diet I began researching and inhaling every piece of information I could get my hands on until I realised that industry, pharmaceuticals, government and the medical world have, at the expense of our planet, animal suffering and our health been feeding us false information to keep us sick and the money rolling in. From birth we have been told marketing myths that have become truths “You need to eat animal protein” “You need to drink cow’s milk for calcium” “Humans are meant to eat animals” My old diet was making me look great on the outside but at what expense? What was it doing to my insides, the animals and the planet? After that it was a no-brainer. Soon after and to my son’s relief the whole family become plant based and from that day to this our little boy has not touched his inhaler. I can honestly say it was the single best decision myself and my family have ever made. My only regret is we didn’t do it sooner.


I have to be honest and say we didn’t become whole food plant based overnight. We first became comfortable with being vegan and ate like for like processed products such mock meats, cheeses and ice creams. I then went on to study the health benefits of whole foods and in 2019 become certified in Plant Based Nutrition. Again as a family we made some changes such as cooking without oils and eliminating added salt. The result was that both mine and my husband’s blood pressure readings massively dropped from bordering pre-hypertensive to now being on the lower end of the ideal scale.

It is my hope that through the Superheroes social media platforms I can share a way of eating that is delicious and comforting but with the added advantage of being nourishing. I also want to introduce as many families as I can to the wonderful array of plant-based foods, whilst at the same time educating parents and children as to the kind reasons for switching all or some of the time. With that I now regularly speak to school children on health and environmental issues caused through our food choices. We are about to see the biggest social movement of our time – it’s amazing to be here at the start of it.

And finally, here’s to the Superheroes in my life; my 5 and 6-year-old children who champion eating plants and kind living to everyone they meet and who accept they are ‘different’ in the many challenging social situations they find themselves. And my husband, 41 years a meat and two veg kinda guy who has not only supported my journey but through independent health learnings has forged his own plant path. I couldn’t be more proud.

Rebekah x